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    Mediterranean Türkiye

    Piyaz in Antalya

    Piyaz is a simple but satisfying dish made with white, or navy beans, red onion, parsley and seasoned with vinegar.

    Piyaz is usually served along with Turkish-style grilled meatballs, known as 'köfte in Turkish, and other grilled meats. It is easy to prepare and made with common, inexpensive ingredients.

    Adana Kebab in Adana

    Adana Kebab is a culture in itself, beyond being a type of dish in Adana. "Mangal (barbeque)" is an indispensable fixture of Adana; in that even the shishes (skewers) of this kebab are specially made by blacksmiths. In Adana kebab is prepared by considering all the factors that will affect the taste, the meat must be from a one- or two-year-old male lamb, free of sinew, rest for a day and later minced with a knife. What about the marks of the masters on the kebab? Adana Kebab with its lavash soaked in some oil, tomato paste and shepherd's salad, abundant greens and of course onion salad with sumac is Adana's pride and joy.

    Künefe in Hatay

    Künefe is the world-famous dessert of Hatay. It is prepared by cooking shredded wheat with local unsalted Künefe cheese in copper sinis on a coal fire slowly and pouring sherbet over it and consumed while hot.

    Künefe is made all over Hatay and sold in workplaces that serve as Künefeci (shops selling künefe). Although the material used in künefe is the same, its taste varies according to its master. You can try the künefe made in Antakya Center and Harbiye and decide which one is better according to your own taste.

    In Hatay Künefeciler Bazaar, both the necessary ingredients for künefe and frozen ready-made künefe are sold ready for domestic and international travel.

    Tantuni in Mersin

    Tantuni is a lavash wrap made of julienne lamb or beef boiled and roasted on iron plate in oil, and served with tomatoes, onions, parsley, and pickled chili peppers.

    Tantuni is a famous street food of Mersin city. It made on a special Tantuni pan. The main feature of this frying pan is having a big curved spot at the center of it. This curved spot is used for cooking the beef. The purpose of the curved spot is to point the heat to a certain area.

    Traditional Maraş Ice Cream in Kahramanmaraş

    Goat milk, salep and sugar are used in the prodution of traditional Maraş ice cream. The most essential factor that gives Maraş ice cream the special taste is milk, milked from goats fed with keven herbs. The second important point is salep, which gives the unique smell and aroma to the ice cream. The salep is obtained from the roots of wild orchids, grown in Kahramanmaraş.

    Etli Sac Kömbe (Meat Pastry) in Osmaniye

    Etli sac kömbe is a pastry with meat dish cooked in ash, between two iron plates. Especially a feast favourite, it is served with ayran (yogurt drink). 

    Apple and Cherry in Isparta

    Isparta has very fertile soils and this situation gives occasion to Isparta of having the best apples and cherries!

    Şiş Köfte (Meatball on skewer) in Burdur

    Şiş Köfte is a special meat grilled dish, which was previously called "Şiş" and later called "Burdur Şiş Köfte", which until recently was known only by locals of Burdur.

    Şiş Köfte are served only with a special pita and roasted green peppers.