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    Mediterranean Türkiye

    Mount Tahtalı in Antalya

    The verdant Taurus Mountains of Mediterranean Türkiye host thousands of cedar and pine trees in their expansive forest! And Mount Tahtalı (Tahtalı Dağı) has the highest point, with an altitude of 2,365 m, of the Mediterranean part of the Taurus Mountain Range.

    Tahtalı Dağı lies on the east coast of the Teke Peninsula (Lycian Peninsula) and dominates the landscape around Kemer district. In ancient times the mountain was called Olympus, the home of the gods, a name it shares with many other high mountains. Nearby, was a town of the same name.

    It is possible to ascend the summit of the mountain with Olympos Aerial Tram.

    Lake Salda in Burdur

    Lake Salda is a natural wonder 4 km away from Yeşilova town centre in Burdur. It is salty and clean and its white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful anywhere in Türkiye. It's a crater lake and covers 4,370 hectares with a maximum depth of 196 meters, making it possibly the deepest lake in Türkiye.

    The lake is unique for several reasons. It's surrounded by wonderful wildlife, with quails, hares, foxes, boars and wild ducks all living in the dark black forests.

    Yumurtalık Nature Protection Area in Adana

    The main features of Yumurtalık Lagoons are salt marshes, freshwater marshes, mud flats, reeds, sand dunes and a giant wetland system consisting of a pine forest. Major wetlands are Yumurtalık Lagoon, Yelkoma Lake, Ömer Lake, Yapı Lake and Darboğaz Lake. The area is an important bird area with its Francolin, snowy plover and little tern population. The area gains status by being a Nature Protection Area, Ramsar Area, Important Bird Area and Important Plant Area. Bird watching and plant watching activities can be carried out in Yumurtalık Lagoons.

    Rose Gardens in Isparta

    Isparta is known as the "Rose Garden of Türkiye." Rose growing and the rose industry is big business in Isparta. A pleasant side effect is that the sweet smell of roses growing in the fields can be enjoyed from every corner of the city. 

    Thyme Fields in Hatay

    Zahter, one of the indispensable elements of Hatay cuisine, is a local thyme type. Thyme, which was collected from the mountains in the past, is now spreading its wonderful fragrance from the fields to everywhere. While wandering in Koz Kalesi Village, one of the most important ecotourism villages of Hatay, you can engrave this fragrance emanating from the fields in your memories and take products such as dried thyme and canned thyme with you to keep these memories alive when you return home.

    Highlands with Full of Oxygen in Mersin

    Being located at the skirts of the Taurus Mountains, highland culture is common. Plateaus around the city attract both locals and visitors with their refreshing air and fascinating natural beauties. A day in touch with nature where you can experience the plateau life and feel the changing floral scents that the nature offers in higher altitudes.

    There are wooden and stone plateau houses built by the local people in the Abanoz Plateau, which is located on the two hillsides and stream bed between Anamur and Ermenek. The fresh and clean air and wonderful nature of the plateau, surrounded by centuries-old fir and juniper trees, fascinates visitors.

    Çamlıyayla (Namrun) is very popular and offers historical and natural beauties. Rich in mountains, canyons, caves, lakes, rivers, forests, and wildlife, it has ideal characteristics for rafting and trekking. Cehennem Deresi Canyon, 4 kilometres from the plateau, is a perfect path for trekking.

    Kapıçam Nature Park (Tabiat Parkı) in Kahramanmaraş

    Kapıçam Nature Park is located on Gaziantep road, five km from Kahramanmaraş city center and covers an area of 183 hectares. There's also a Botanical Garden in the park. The Botanical Garden, which covers a five-hectare area of the park, has 425 endemic plants. You can find three ponds, extreme sports, games and entertainment centers in the Botanical Garden.

    Karaçay Waterfall in Osmaniye

    Karaçay River goes down steep slopes and forms the 25-meter high Karaçay Waterfall which offers an amazing view for nature lovers. The waterfall cannot be reached by car, this natural wonder solely accessible by footpath. The waterfall’s environment is home to many endemic plants from Çukurova region. Karaçay Waterfall is also an all-time favourite for picnic and trekking enthusiasts.