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    Mediterranean Türkiye

    The Sounds of the Dynamic Nightlife in Antalya

    Antalya is a buzzing seaside resort with beaches, restaurants, museums, and ancient architecture!

    From the old city of Kaleiçi to the Roman era harbour, there’s history and culture just waiting to be explored. So, whilst there is plenty to keep you entertained during the daylight hours the fun doesn’t stop once the sun sets!

    There’s plenty of Antalya nightlife to keep the whole family entertained after dark. From live music and cocktails with a sea view to late-night clubs and atmospheric opera, there’s enough variety to keep everyone happy.

    Listen the Stories of Local Nomads in Mersin and Antalya

    The nomadic culture was very strong in Anatolian lands. To this day some people in Mediterranean Türkiye are still nomadic. They have their own sheep, goats, horses… They move constantly around the Taurus Mountains, setting up their tents to find grazing fields for their animals.

    It’s possible the listen their story from local people and informed local guides!

    The Sounds of Nature in Adana

    You can walk along the Seyhan River and Dam Lake in the warm Adana weather, and sip your tea while listening to Adana türküleri (folk songs) in the tea gardens located by the river and the dam lake. In the clean nature of Aladağlar National Park, Adana Plateaus, Kapıkaya Canyon, Küp and Obruk Waterfalls, Akyatan and Tuzla Lagoons, you can breathe in oxygen and listen to the sounds of nature and different bird species, and feel at peace away from the bustle of the city.

    Antakya Choir of Civilizations in Hatay

    The melodies sung by the Antakya Choir of Civilizations, which consists of 120 people from six sects belonging to three heavenly religions, convey the message of peace and brotherhood that Hatay has kept alive throughout history. Building a bridge between civilizations based on the universality of music, Antakya Choir of Civilizations offers a musical feast with hymns, folk songs and songs of different cultures to the visitors of Hatay. Do not leave Hatay without listening to the melodies that will touch your heart!

    Yeşilgöz Concave in Kahramanmaraş

    Located in Tekir Neighborhood, 60 kilometers from Kahramanmaraş city center, Yeşilgöz will impress you with its unique nature of its water. Especially in summer, the water coming out of Yeşilgöz Concave flows calmly, allowing visitors to listen to the sound of nature.

    Falks Songs in Osmaniye

    The people’s suffering, love, passion and longing echoes in folk songs. Osmaniye’s folk songs are songs with stories –the region is famous with bozlak and unmetered uzunhava, kırık hava songs. Popular 18th century folk poets Karacaoğlan and Dadaloğlu are bards whose songs are still being sung in the region. 

    Cittaslow Cities in Isparta

    Eğirdir and Yalvaç, two districts of Isparta are cittaslow cities.

    Eğirdir is a unique destination with the variety of colors during the day and at sunset, the lake's unique landscape, and the peaceful ambiance. Located in Eğirdir district, Lake Eğirdir is the fourth largest lake in Türkiye with a surface area of 517 square meters. It is known for its clear beaches, which take on a different color each season, and is surrounded by apple and peach orchards.

    Yalvaç sits in the western part of Türkiye’s Mediterranean region, in the northern part of the Turkish Lake Region. Situated at a high altitude; it is a quiet, charming, and historical district with about 50,000 inhabitants. Yalvaç is also a historical district that was established about one km northeast of the ancient city of Antioch (or Antiochia) in Pisidia, one of the most important centers of antiquity and the capital of the Roman province of Pisidia.

    Bird Songs in Burdur

    Lake Burdur is a crystal clear, very large and deep lake. It really is like a sea, and it's even salty with high alkaline levels that mean it never freezes over.

    If you're into birdwatching, Lake Burdur is a must-visit particularly in the winter as birds escape the cold climes of the north to settle here. The white-headed duck is a globally threatened species that makes Burdur its protected home, though 10 other internationally important water species also make this lake their home.