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  • 10 vibes for Mediterranean Türkiye

    like locals

    Experience Two Seasons On The Same Day In Antalya

    Saklıkent, 50 km from Antalya, is an ideal winter sports resort at an altitude of 1750-1900 m on the northern slopes of Bakırlı Mountain. In March and April, you can ski in the morning, eat a delicious lunch of fresh fish at Antalya's marina and then go on to sunbathe, swim and windsurf in the afternoon. You can see wildlife – deer and mountain goat – as part of a conservation program in Düzlerçamı Park, north of Antalya, and on the way, you can stop at the astonishing 115m-deep Güver Canyon.

    Taste the Blue Crab in Mersin

    An average of 200 - 250 tonnes of blue crabs are produced annually in the Eastern Mediterranean where Mersin is located. The blue crabs in Mersin have a delicious taste and the crabs that are caught there are exported all over the world. The locals of Mersin highly recommend that you try blue crab at the simple shack fish restaurants in the Silifke district. Don’t forget to have an ice-cold beer with it!

    Visit the Monastery of St. Simon in Hatay

    Set on the highest peak of Samandağ (a mountain in Hatay), the Monastery of St. Simon is a 5th century refuge for Stylites. Stylites were anchorites who lived on top of pillars as a penance and form of prayer. Its founder St. Simon locked himself away in a cell for three years after completing his religious studies in a monastery. Later, he climbed a mountain near the city and spent long years on top of a natural stone carved pillar. According to popular belief, the pillar grew taller the longer he sat and reached a maximum height of 13 meters. As word of Simon's patience, faith, and endurance spread through the Christian world, people suffering from illness or physical defects flocked here in the belief that he had the power to cure them.

    Go to Davraz Mountain Ski Centre in Isparta

    This ski resort is one of Türkiye's major ski centres and is a leading force in winter sports holidays. Located at 2635 meters altitude, it is an ideal area for ski enthusiasts who don’t want to far away from Mediterranean beaches!

    Discover the Old Maraş Mansions in Kahramanmaraş

    The Old Maraş Mansions are famous and unusual examples of Turkish civilian architecture. The mansions are renowned for their remarkable stained-glass colourful bay windows.

    Learn the History of  Ala Mosque (Cami) in Osmaniye

    Located in Kadirli district, Ala Mosque (Cami) mosque was originally a basilica belonging to the late Roman period and is one the unusual still standing from that era. The basilica is in the Syrian style and was transformed into a mosque in the 12th century with various additions. In 1489 it underwent further development with the addition of a minaret and a niche. The structure was an important religious structure with connections to the Roman Era, the Byzantine Era and Ottoman times.

    Experience the Scuba Diving at Kaş in Antalya

    Kaş is Türkiye’s top diving destination. There are more than 40 dive sites within 40 minutes boat ride from the Old Harbour. From Easter to the end of October professional Dive Schools make two sorties a day to this wide range of diving spots.

    Crystal-clear waters create superb visibility. Excellent sea life, underwater flora and fauna, coral and sea sponges along with amphorae and wrecks, both ancient and modern are amongst the things to see whilst diving in this area.

    You’ll find a great selection of dive sites in the area including a canyon, caves and several reefs. For technical advanced divers only is the wreck of a bomber plane at a depth of 58-71 meters. More accessible there is another wreck of a Dakota D-C 3 plane at around 17-35 meters. The plane is intact, and you can go inside it.

    Take the Healing Air at İnsuyu Cave in Burdur

    This wonderful cave was the first cave opened to the public in Türkiye. It's length is 600 metres and it is located near the city of Burdur in the village of Mandıra. The cave is thousands of years old with clean, cool air inside and lakes whose water is said to be good for the treatment of internal diseases and for diabetes. Not all sections of the cave have been explored yet, but the parts you see are really striking with stalactites and stalagmites and carbonated mineral water right at the entrance.

    Relax et Excellent Beaches in Mersin

    Besides its historical and cultural wealth, Mersin charms visitors with its natural beauty and excellent beaches. Ovacık, 44 km west of Taşucu, is a quiet spot well-known for its fisherman's wharf and beach. The Peninsula (ancient Cavaliere) of Ovacık is one of the natural highlights of Türkiye, an ideal area for diving. The surrounding sailing waters to the west of Ovacık are clearly marked, ensuring yacht safety along this breath-taking stretch of coast. The shore road that clings to the pine-clad mountain slopes steeply down to the sea, offering spectacular views of cliffs, coves and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. 36 km to the west of Aydıncık is Bozyazı, a holiday centre with clean and roomy camping sites along its wide beaches. Anamur is nestled in between the mountains, with banana plantations surrounding it. Situated on terraces above the sea, it is perfect for a climb to the top which overlooks clean and unmatched coasts in Türkiye.

    Walk at Kapıkaya Canyon in Adana

    Kapıkaya Canyon is a natural beauty that nature enthusiasts must see. The canyon, which is 45 minutes away from Adana and only four km away from Karaisalı has become popular in recent years. It is an extremely enjoyable way to experience the nature in the region.